Surface Facility Management

Surface Facility Management Services We Offer

Surface Facility Management is a critical service offered by PETECS, ensuring smooth and optimized operations in the oil and energy sector. This service encompasses several sub-services, each tailored to meet the diverse needs of this demanding industry.

Early Production Facility (EPF):

An Early Production Facility is a crucial first step in the production chain, enabling the prompt processing of hydrocarbons soon after they are extracted from the ground. This service includes the establishment and maintenance of facilities necessary for the initial separation of oil, gas, and water, which is vital for assessing the field’s potential and generating early revenue.

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC):

The EPC service encapsulates an all-encompassing approach to project execution, covering the engineering design, procurement of necessary equipment and materials, and the construction of the facility. This streamlined approach ensures that all aspects of a project are well-coordinated, adhering to the stipulated quality, cost, and time constraints.


Fabrication service at PETECS involves the crafting of high-quality, durable structures and components essential for the oil and energy operations. This includes the assembly of piping systems, structural steel, and other crucial apparatus, ensuring they meet the rigorous standards of the industry.

Waste Management:

Effective Waste Management is crucial in maintaining an environmentally responsible operation. PETECS offers solutions for the proper handling, treatment, and disposal of waste generated during the various phases of oil and gas operations, aligning with both regulatory requirements and environmental sustainability goals.

Here are compelling reasons why reaching out to PETECS is a strategic move towards achieving your project objectives and staying ahead in the competitive landscape:

Comprehensive Service Spectrum:

PETECS provides a wide array of services that cover every facet of the oil and gas sector. Whether it’s drilling & workover service, reservoir studies, real time simulation & optimization, or waste & management service, PETECS has the expertise and the resources to cater to all your needs under one roof. This comprehensive service spectrum not only provides a convenience of service but also ensures that all aspects of your project are harmonized for optimal success.

Tailored Solutions:

At PETECS, the understanding of unique project demands is deep-seated. We believe in crafting solutions that are tailored to meet the specific requirements and challenges of each project. This bespoke approach ensures a higher degree of alignment with project objectives, thereby fostering better outcomes and higher satisfaction.

Why Choose PETECS for Your Oil and Gas Solutions

In the rigorous and demanding sector of oil and gas, having a reliable, skilled, and innovative partner is crucial for operational success and sustainable growth. PETECS emerges as a beacon of excellence and a preferred choice for a myriad of oil and gas services ranging from Surface Facility Management to Artificial Lift, Early Production Facilities, and beyond.

General Questions

Surface Facility Management with PETECS encompasses the setup, maintenance, and optimization of onshore facilities essential for oil and gas production. This service ensures smooth operations, safety, and environmental compliance, which are paramount in the energy sector.

The primary services under Surface Facility Management include Early Production Facility (EPF), Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC), Fabrication, Waste Management, and general Management services. Each service addresses specific needs in project execution and operational efficiency.

EPF enables the swift processing and separation of hydrocarbons immediately after extraction, facilitating a quicker assessment of the field’s potential and an earlier onset of revenue generation.

EPC service covers comprehensive project execution including engineering design, procurement of necessary equipment and materials, and the construction of the facility, ensuring a well-coordinated approach to meet project quality, cost, and time objectives.

PETECS employs effective solutions for the handling, treatment, and disposal of waste generated during oil and gas operations. This is in alignment with regulatory requirements and environmental sustainability goals.

The Management service entails holistic oversight of operations, from project inception to completion. It includes project management, operational oversight, and the implementation of industry best practices to ensure efficiency, safety, and regulatory compliance.