A trusted partner to major oil & gas operating companies world wide.

Our Mission

To Help Our Clients Make Quantified, Informed, Substantial Improvements

In their drilling Efficiency, hydrocarbon detection, and reservoir characterization

To Add Significant Value

to our clients for their oil and gas assets by enhancing operation efficiency and maximizing production in most cost effective technics.

To Constantly Build A Leading-Edge Integrated Service Company

That attracts, develops, and retain exceptional people in the local international market


Established in 2006, an integrated oil & gas services company provides world-class well testing, wireline logging, production optimization, well completion, artificial lift, well intervention, workover and drilling services. We also provide engineering consultancy, manpower management & Procurement Services.
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Our Clients

We are a trusted partner to major oil and gas firms across the Middle East, North Africa & East Europe.

We are a trusted partner to major oil and gas firms across the Middle East, North Africa & East Europe. We have registered offices in Libya, Algeria, UAE and Romania. Our highly skilled engineers and technicians source and deploy proven technology to ensure the safety, integrity and optimum performance of our clients’ operations. We operate efficiently, responsively and flexibly – from our clients’ sites and our own strategically located facilities.

To Respect And Improve The Highest Safety and Environment Services

Reservoir Services

Reservoir Services is a specialized division within PETECS that focuses on providing comprehensive reservoir engineering and consulting services to the oil and gas industry. 

Well Service

With years of industry experience, we understand the importance of optimizing your well’s performance for maximum efficiency and profitability.

Surface Facility Management

Our surface facility management services encompass a wide range of activities, including facility operations, maintenance, optimization, and compliance.


 We utilize state-of-the-art monitoring tools and techniques to continuously monitor the performance of wells, facilities, and production systems. 

We are a truly solution-driven company where we develop and apply field proven technology to address the challenges of tomorrow’s needs.

 It is our goal to continuously push the boundaries of conventional oil field technology to their limits. We believe that through constant transformation we are capable of capturing the necessary improvements to assure a strong future for our stakeholders: the industry, our clients and employees.

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